> News

2013-03-31: Release of elemines 0.2.3! Code improvement and a new bigger board available.

> What is elemines?

Elemines is a minesweeper game: the object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. Left-click discovers a square, right-click flags a square. Read the man page for other details. Elemines is translated in english, esperanto, french, galician, italiano, korean, polish, portuguese and russian.

> Requirements

You need the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and etrophy. If you are using Linux Slackware, you can get all the required packages from the SlackE17 project.

> Release

Current release of elemines is 0.2.3 and requires the EFL 1.7 and etrophy 0.5.1.

> Installation

You can grab source code from Sourceforge, Slackware packages are available on SlackE17 project:

> Screenshots

elemines main screen